Foot Massage 

Foot Massage  with the use of oil extracts, pressure is applied to specific points in order to stimulate blood circulation, releasing tension built up from stress of working all day.

Price  60  Minute 250   baht
  90 Minute  350   baht

     (shoulder, back and head massage is included)

Aromatic Massage

Aromatic Massage pure, naturally extracted aroma oils are applied with rolling fingers to soothe the body into a refreshed and relaxed state of body and mind.

Price 60 Minute 800   baht
  90 Minute 1,000   baht
  120 Minute 1,200   baht


Herbal hot-compress Massage

Herbal hot-compress Massage a hot compress containing natural herbs is applied to the body, absorbed by the skin, relieving symptoms of inflamed and stressed muscles.

Price 120 Minute 900   baht

    (only in designed of spa)

Thai fusion Massage

Thai fusion Massage the combine benefits of Thai and aromatic massage, allowing you to be centered within your body and completely relaxed.

Price 60 Minute 900   baht
  90 Minute 1,100   baht
  120 Minute 1,300   baht

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